What you need to know about Facials

Facials at Asante Spa

A facial such as what House of Asante Spa provides, is a step-by-step skin treatment that results in cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing of your skin. A facial is one fo the best ways to take care of your skin.

How often should one get a facial?

The frequency of facials depend on your skin type, but in general, skin care specialists recommend that you receive a facial every three to four weeks.

That allows for the skin to progress through its full life cycle of cell growth and exfoliation. Natural exfoliation or skin turnover takes longer the older you get. Natural exfoliation takes about two weeks in babies, four weeks in teens and up to 90 days after the age of 50.

Read on for factors that affect how often you should get a facial.

What does a facial do?

A facial deep cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

Is it good to get a facial?

Any personal care by a professional is usually good. A facial cleanses the skin but also relaxes the face muscles, boosts collagen production, removes dead skin cells, clears spores, moisturise and hydrates the skin and improve the apprearance of facial lines and blemishes.

Do they remove blackheads during a facial?

Yes, the removal of black and white heads is part of a facial

Types of facials:

hydrate and repair facials

classic facials

rejuvenating facials

vitamin facials

anti-aging facials

firming facials

renewal peel facials

Factors that affect how often you should get a facial

skin type – normal, dry or oily. Normal or dry skin will need a facial every month, oily skin should receive at least a monthly facial and even more until the problem has cleared up. Sensitive skin may only need a facial every two months. House of Asante Spa uses natural products which make it applicable to the skin type and, rarely if ever, leads to skin sensitivity.

skin condition – your House of Asante Spa skin care specialist will evaluate your skin and inform you if you have any skin conditions that demand special care or attention.

skin care goals – in South Africa, the sun is an important influence on your skin and your skin care specialist will assist you with advice as to the best care for your skin.

age – younger people usually need less frequent facials unless there are special cisrumstances such as acne and breakouts.

budget – you need to invest in good products and effective treatments, but discuss your needs and budget with your Asante Spa skin care specialist.

location – in urban or industrial environments, pollution may make your skin dirtier and you may need to be serious about your skin care schedule.

over treatment – the skin can become overstimulated or sensitive with too many treatments in a short period. Your Asante Spa specialist will warn you if your skin appears over stimulated or sensitive.

If personal appearance and feeling good about yourself is important, a well-designed facial schedule is a necessity for an effective beauty routine.

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