The South African legal framework for medicinal cannabis usage has opened up exciting possibilities for our clients and patients.We are thrilled to pioneer the integration of medicinal cannabis into our offerings. Harnessing the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC-infused treatments, we offer you a holistic approach to your wellness with treatments that provide assurance of efficacy and safety. From pain management to relaxation, cannabis-based products offer a natural alternative with promising results. You can now experience the soothing effects of CBD-infused massages or indulge in THC-infused treatments for deeper relaxation, providing you with a path to enhanced wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Our medicinal cannabis approach also means medical grade cannabis that is used for medical purposes is taken through specifically approved routes of administration, allowing us to work in partnership with medical practitioners in the field who are able to consult with patients and prescribe for a range of ailments accordingly.

Chronic pain management, mental health issues, sleep disorders—our wide range of CBD and THC services and products has everything for everyone! Book your appointment today!

Luxurious Cannabis Spa Treatments

Therapeutic massage using cannabis-infused massage creams The cannabinoids in cannabis have potential anti-inflammatory properties, to help relax muscles and alleviate tension for total a deep relaxation and relief from muscle soreness and pain.

A luxurious body scrub using cannabis-infused oils or extracts and leaves, along with sea salt to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and revitalised. The cannabinoids in cannabis have antioxidant properties to help protect the skin from environmental damage.

A detoxifying body wrap using cannabis-infused cream applied to the body and wrapped with a blanket to promote absorption into the skin.The wrap helps to draw out impurities from the skin while the cannabinoids work to hydrate and nourish.This treatment leaves the skin feeling refreshed and the body rejuvenated.

A gentle exfoliating treatment using a combination of CBD and Hemp oil to nourished and hydrate the skin.

A targeted foot massage using cannabis infused oils to stimulate pressure points and promote general wellbeing.

Our luxurious skincare products infused with cannabis extracts, contains vitamins and fatty acids that help promote healthy skin, reduce inflammation, and improve overall complexion.The products are customised to address specific skincare concerns, such as acne or aging.

Cannabis essential oils are incorporated into aromatherapy treatments to promote relaxation and stress relief. Cannabis has a distinct aroma that helps to create a calming atmosphere and enhance the overall spa experience for deep therapeutic relaxation.

Our luxurious bath and foot soak using cannabis-infused bath salts and oils treatment allows you to soak in a warm bath infused with cannabinoids, providing relaxation for both the body and mind. The warm water helps to soothe sore muscles, while the cannabis works to promote a sense of calm and well-being.

A localised treatment using cannabis infused products to target areas of pain and inflammation wherever it occurs in the body.

Step into our exclusive en suite relaxation sanctuary and isolate yourself from the world around as you delve deep into yourself, your mind, body and soul with a welcoming sip of our cannabis tea followed by a therapeutic full body massage. Conclude your relaxation journey with our unique sound wave healing therapy and meditation body scan. The treatment leaves you calm, peaceful and totally relaxed and refreshed.

Set an appointment with our registered specialist doctors and health professionals for assessment of your medical needs.The doctor provides medicinal cannabis prescription for your specific health need and a range of other medical conditions.

Cannabis Edibles

They are food products that contain cannabis or THC. Many people consider edibles to be a safe way to take cannabis. The edibles are ingested to achieve high levels of relaxation as well as to treat various medical conditions that include reduction of chronic pain and anxiety, can prevent seizures, support weight management, multiple sclerosis , various mental conditions , muscle spasm control, as well as regulate sleep patterns to manage insomnia.

The following are some of the offerings:

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