Free wash strictly after 2 weeks if you relaxed with us
Bonding – R120.00
Bonding & Set – R170.00
Own Hair – R50.00
Afro Hair – R85.00
Singles – R120.00
Micro Bonding – R150.00
Dreadlocks – R120.00
Wash & Set – R150.00
Wash Scurl – R50.00


Balding – R45.00
Balding (below 13) – R25.00
Balding & Shave – R60.00
Brush Cut – R45.00
Brush & Shaving – R60.00
Brush & Pattern – R55.00
Gents Cut – R70.00
Gents (below 13) – R50.00
Ladies Cut – R75.00
Powder Balding – R70.00
Powder Balding & Shaving – R95.00
Mohawk Cut – R80.00
Mohawk & S’curl – R150.00
Mohawk Cut (below 13) – R50.00
Shave – R35.00
Tweeze – R25.00


Permanent – R150.00
Semi-permanent- R120.00
Spray Colour- R65.00
Highlights- R100.00
Streaks (per streak) – R20.00
Own Colour -R85.00
Bleach Half – R50.00


Butter Blend H.G Relaxer R250.00
Below ’13 Yrs R180.00
Sensitive Scalp Relaxer R350.00
Below ’13 Yrs R170.00
Butter Blend Blow Out or S’curl R160.00
Below ’13 Yrs R140.00


(Ladine, Dark & Lovely, Orgnanic, Mizani)

Ladine Relaxer – R170.00
D&L Relaxer- R140.00
Ladine Relaxer (below 13)- R120.00
D&L Relaxer (below 13)- R100.00
Organic – R180.00
Organic (below 13) – R130.00
Ladine S-curl/blow – R150.00
D&L S-curl/blow – R120.00
Organic S-curl – R150.00
D&L Dry Perm & Relaxer – R355.00
D&L Blow & Dry Perm – R355.00
Organic Blow – R150.00
Blow Wave – R120.00
Blow & Dry Perm (Ladine/Organic) – R355.00
Dry perm & relaxer (Ladine/Organic)- R385.00
Blow (below 13) – R100.00
Mahawk Blow – R150.00
Mahawk Blow (below 13) – R100.00


Benny & Betty R100.00
Straight up (hair by hair – thin lines) R180.00
Straight up braids R350.00
Straight up below 13 R250.00
Straight back (hair by hair) R150.00
Straight up Pusher R450.00
Straight up Expression R400.00
Straight Back big lines R250.00
Straight back by hair (thin lines) R150.00
Straight back braids medium R280.00
Straight back small lines R300.00
Straight back below 13 R250.00
Singles Short R450.00
Single medium R650.00
Singles Long R850.00
Yaki bulk/pony tail R400.00
Twist medium` R750.00
Twist long R1075.00
Da braids R500.00
Da braids pusher R450.00
Switch R370.00
Pony tail twist 6 inch R600.00
8 inch R650.00
12-14 inch R750.00
Pondo yaki braids R100.00
Wedding Pondo 100% HH R480.00
Wedding lephondo R300.00
Braids 1line by hair piece R30.00
Plaits by small line R150.00
1 line by hair R25.00
Unplaiting R50.00
Unplaiting singles R120.00


Set R100.00
Set Bob cut R150.00
Set Bonding long R150.00
Swazi curl R165.00
Dry Perm R185.00
Perm R270.00
Spiral set (own hair) R180.00
Spiral set (ceramic) R150.00
Ladine/Bobcut/Set R315.00
D&L/Bobcut/Set R295.00
Pond Extension R100.00
Pomade R130.00
Pomade below 13 R100.00
Relaxer & popcorn R200.00
Straw set R280.00
Boy Cut R250.00
Spirals R300.00
Bobcut & relaxer R240.00


Dreadlocks natural R200.00
Treatment dreadlocks R150.00
Dreadlocks start up R250.00
Bongo dreads R200.00


Bob cut bonding (own) R400.00
Artificial dread/soft dread R350.00
Artificial dread (singles)/soft dread R480.00 Own bonding R300.00
Own bonding fringe R300.00
Brazilian own Bonding R395.00
Bonding spiral R180.00
Cleo style R350.00
Bonding & Dye R395.00
Bonding repair (less 3 lines) R75.00
Own bonding & set R295.00


Thermasmooth Straightening System R140.00
True Texture for Natural R140.00


Hair treatment R140.00
Hair & Scalp treatment R160.00
Wash Only R100.00
Wash & Blow wave R185.00


Wash & set R170.00
Natural styling R150.00
Swazi Curl Set R185.00
Dry Perm R190.00
Bob Cut & Set R200.00

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